Rules / Behavior Plan



(1.) Come to class prepared and on time.

(2.) Be respectful of yourself, others, and your environment.

(3.) Keep hands, feet, and personal objects to yourself.

(4.) Eat only during assigned time in designated location. (

(5.) Follow BMS Uniform Dress policy.



It is expected that all students will behave in an appropriate manner at school in classrooms, in hallways, in the cafeteria, during assemblies and special programs. In the classroom, teachers may use a variety of behavior modification techniques, such as verbal reprimand or lunch detentions. In addition, teachers will attempt to contact parents and involve them with any behavior concerns. In most cases, discipline is handled by an individual teacher. If necessary, teachers may refer students to an administrator. When necessary, the administrative team will handle discipline in accordance with the Beaufort County School District Code of Conduct.