IGP Meetings

IGP Meetings- 8th Graders


An Individual Graduation Plan is a road map that guides your student toward his or her education, career and employment goals. IGPs include general high school graduation requirements, as well as coursework related to a student’s chosen career cluster of study. IGPs also help students align high school courses with college entrance requirements. These plans are written to be flexible and can change based on a student’s aspirations, abilities and interests as he or she progresses through high school.

January is the time for 8th grade students to meet with one of Beaufort Middle School's School Counselors. This process begins your student's Individual Graduation Plan and high school registration. Letters will be sent out with a date and time the beginning of Janurary. If you are unable to attend at this time or date, please contact Brenda McDaniels at 843-322-5700 to reschedule your meeting with the School Counselor. Beaufort Middle School greatly appreciates your support and strongly requests your presence at this meeting.