BMS Adopts the 7 Mindsets

BMS Adopts the 7 Mindsets
Teacher Cadets

Beaufort Middle is implementing the 7 Mindsets program ( this year, and we’re very excited about it!  It is a social emotional learning program that teaches students the tools to be successful and happy in all areas of their lives. The teachers spent the summer reading about the program and were trained before the year started. They found that it will not only make a positive change in our students, but also help all of us live our ultimate life!  

The students learn the 7 Mindsets every Thursday during advisory through lessons provided through the 7 Mindset Portal. The lessons are very engaging and include inspirational videos that the students enjoy and relate too. On Fridays the students reflect either through journal writing or socratic seminar. Seminar gives students an opportunity to discuss how the 7 Mindsets apply to their lives in a students run conversation with their classmates. They learn to respect other points of view, think critically and communicate effectively during seminar. 

The students are speaking the language of the 7 Mindsets throughout the day, and we have already seen many positive effects in our students and look forward to many more.

Attached is more information about the 7 Mindsets program. 7-Mindsets-Summary-for-Parents.pdf