August Students of the Month

Spanish Student of the Month

Ranajah Henderson


RaNajah Henderson is a class leader who takes charge when the situation requires it.  She frequently takes responsible risks with her Spanish, doing her best to communicate in Spanish whether she is confident in her pronunciation or not.  Whenever there is an opportunity to have a conversation in Spanish, she takes advantage of that opportunity and keeps the conversation going in Spanish as long as she can.  Because of her leadership, her persistence, and her willingness to take responsible risks, RaNajah Henderson is Beaufort Middle School’s August Spanish Student of the Month. 


Chorus Student of the Month

Bailey Heron


I see myself as an artist because I am a member of the BMS Chorus where I sing Alto. I have learned how to sing from many different experiences and teachers starting as far back as elementary school where I was a part of the chorus at Lady’s Island Elementary School. I also participated in the South Carolina Elementary Honor Choir in 2015. Then once I got to middle school I joined Mrs. Kirkland’s chorus and I was immediately in love with Mrs. Kirkland and her teaching style so I obviously decided to join her chorus this year where I have been selected as the August student of the month. Some of the challenges I have faced throughout my singing career are being placed in the Soprano group which was very hard for me because I am really an Alto. I hope to continue to grow as an artist by continuing to sing and explore music for as long as I can.


The type of art I create is music. I create this art by simply coming to class and letting Mrs. Kirkland work her magic to make our chorus AMAZING. I am inspired to make my art because I know that after a concert when I see how people act after hearing us sing I want to sing forever. Through music I want to inspire other people to create an art that makes them as happy as I am.



Media Arts Student of the Month

Archie Washington

My name is Archie Washington and I’v e been in Media Arts for 3 years.  I like media Arts because it enables me to do art on the computer and I like using the software! 


Character Education Student of the Month

Jamari Washington

Beaufort Middle School’s Character Education Student of the Month for August is Jamari Young, a 7
th grade student.

 Jamari is one of those students that is friendly and always smiling, sharing kindness with all he encounters throughout his day, whether a longtime friend, a new acquaintance, or a stranger.

Jamari’s kindness and friendship with a new student have been noteworthy. He has Made a Mark that now is positively imitated by his peers. I am so proud of Jamari and delighted to share his name with you as Beaufort Middle School’s Character Education Student of the Month for August. His behavior exemplifies friendship and kindness. 

August Students of the Month Group

Christian Alvarado Ruiz, xxx, Charlie Bennett, Ian Szczepek, Isabella Steele

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