November Students of the Month


Andrew Landis, Chorus Student of the Month

Andrew Landis

I am a singer in the 6th grade classical studies chorus group. I have learned my art of singing by learning Curwen hand signs, notes, and how to write notes on staff paper. I have also learned to conduct music in 4/4 and ¾ meter.  I have been selected to perform in the BCSD Middle School All-County Honor Choir. 


The challenges I face as an artist is that my voice has changed. I hope to grow by learning more about the art of singing. I create what most would call a universal language and the reason I do it is because it is fun with others and I love to sing. I read and think and sing notes at the correct pitch that is right for me. I am inspired by how people love and are moved by music. I want to communicate happiness and share the love of music to others.

Character Education Students of the Month

Aniyah Smalls (Dehlinger), Alicia Jackson (6th), Jesiah Nolasco (8th), Jack Sumner (6th CS & BMS SOM), Leslie Gahie (7th CS), Karly Rouse (7th)

Nov. Charcter SOM