DISTRICT ATTENDANCE POLICY-Student attendance is essential to student achievement.


Students must be present in class in order to receive the instruction necessary to make good grades. In South Carolina, a student is required by law to attend school until the age of 17. Schools cannot educate students who do not attend class.


Excuses-Each student is required to bring an excuse for his or her absence to the Attendance Clerk on the day he/she returns to school. The teacher will permit students to make up work for days of excused absences. “Excused” absence does not translate “any absence” – it simply means the student was absent with permission to make up work missed.


The State Board of Education has established the following definitions of lawful absences from school: Absence due to a school approved activity -Personal illness with written excuse- Recognized religious holidays of their faith -Serious illness of a family member.

Tardiness- In order to prevent interruption of instruction, students must be in class by 7:30a.m. Tardiness is only excused when there is a valid excuse such as a late bus or a written medical appointment/illness. Students who are repeatedly tardy to school will be dealt with according to the student discipline code and reported to the school social worker.


Excused Tardy- illness/medical with written excuse.

Unexcused Tardy- traffic.  

Unexcused Absence- Any student who fails to bring an excuse within three (3) school days after his or her absence will automatically be unexcused. Make-up work may not be given for absences that are not excused.


Arrival Time: Classes begin at 7:30 A.M. Students may enter the building at 7:15 A.M. and report to the cafeteria for supervision and breakfast. At 7:25 A.M. students are released from the cafeteria to go to class. Students who arrive after 7:30 A.M. are considered tardy.



Reporting and Recording Attendance  

? At middle school attendance is taken every class period---so one day absent = 6 absences because each student has 6 different classes.

? Report cards report total class absences, whether excused or unexcused.

? If a teacher does not take attendance in a particular class, it is possible to only have 4 absences for one day out of school.

? When a student is marked absent, the automated system makes a call to notify parents. If the parent knows the student will be out for the day, and they call or email Ms. Nojd at or 322-5698, she will try to get it entered BEFORE the automated system calls you.


Attendance Notes and Excuses  

? Students turn in attendance notes to their first period teachers, then the teachers give them to the data specialist. She enters either G-illness if it is a hand written note or M-medical for a medical excuse from a doctor.

? Orthodontist Appointments are entered as Medical- and they are usually for 1 or 2 periods.

? Ms. Nojd also accepts emails as attendance notes; she actually prefers them and saves each one in the archive for retrieval if necessary.

? Some parents call Ms. Nojd the day of the absence. This is great to be able to communicate this to teachers for the day. However, parents still must follow up the call with a written note or e-mail.


Checking-in and out and Late arrivals  

? When a student checks-in late in the morning, sometimes they are marked absent. Ms. Njod reviews the late-check-in sheets and changes an unexcused absence to an unexcused tardy.

? When students go home in the middle of the day, she reviews the sign out sheets and enters the reason if one is given for the absences.

? If a parent takes a student out of school but does not give a reason, it is parental release---which is unexcused.


Attendance codes are provided to you below as your reference when you see them in students’ record:  

T EXC Tardy

E Excused

U Unexcused

I In School Suspension

J Parent Release unexcused

K Religious excused

L Legal excused

M Medical excused

N Nurse excused

O Suspension unexcused

P Principal Approved excused

Q Testing excused

R No Transportation unexcused

V School Activity excused

W Weather excused

X No Immunization unexcused

Z UNX Tardy unexcused

H Homebound excused