National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society members for 2019-2020 are:

Adderly, Terre
Aimar, Chloe
Ashmore, Victoria
Bradley, Reese
Coombes, Millie
Crosby, Brooke
Doe, Garrett
Fent, Josie
Franklin, Kairington
Glover, Ella
Grinnell, Viola
Lin, Ryan
Little, Marcia
Mack, Taylor
Maroney, Haley
McKnight, Essence
Mixson, Ryleigh
Moore, Caden
Mullen, Payton
Myers, Reese
Nelson, Annabelle
Niverba, Jonathan
Patel, Anisha
Rivers, Jasmine
Rogers, Adelaide
Rogers, Emily
Sherbert, Carson
Sherbert, Elizabeth
Thompson, Kierra
Vaughn, Annabelle
Watkis, Septimus
Way, Zoe
Winburn, Robert

Membership Criteria:
To be considered for membership candidates must meet the following criteria:

(1) be at least a fourth quarter seventh grader;
(2) have completed the previous semester at Beaufort Middle School;
(3) have a cumulative average of 90 during their attendance in Beaufort County School District middle schools;
(4) demonstrate outstanding qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship and service. 

BMS NJHS By-Laws 2019 -Link to Beaufort Middle School By-Laws

National Junior Honor Society - National Link