Junior Leadership Beaufort

The Junior Leadership Beaufort Program at Beaufort Middle School introduces 8th graders to leadership and structures of their community.  Modeled after Beaufort’s Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program, Junior Leadership Beaufort extends learning far beyond classroom walls.  Members learn first-hand and on-site about Beaufort’s environment, economy, military, government and hospital system. JLB members then create a year-end presentation documenting their findings, from their perspective, to deliver to Leadership Beaufort Members and community leaders.  Teachers, Holly Lambert and Brooks Thomas serve as advisors for Junior Leadership Beaufort.

Beaufort Middle School is proud to announce the 2018-2019 class of Junior Leadership Beaufort:
Megan Alvarez
Bryce DeFilippis
Lauryn Early
James Fabian
Jaida Garvin
Morgan Haynes
Darby Kinsey
Andrew Landis
Elizabeth Livesay
Anna Lyles
Havyn Macias
Lauren Myers
Julia Pollitzer
Jack Sumner
Jack Van Gundy