BMS National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society - National Link

National Junior Honor Society members for 2017-2018 are:

  • Arora, Alisha
  • Bennett, Charles
  • Blencoe, Joseph
  • Carter, Brianna
  • Fennell, Hannah
  • Garrity, Caitlyn
  • Goode, Nya
  • Herron, Bailey
  •  Hines, Alyssa
  •  Hollins, Madison
  • Lopez, Ian
  • McMahon, Sarah
  • Mills, Nash
  • O’Claire, Jaeda
  • O’Claire, Laila
  • Patel, Anuj
  • Pieczonka, Jillian
  • Ruff, Graham
  • Scheper, Julye
  • Seckinger, Ellie
  • Tate, William
  • Turner, Kayla
  • Ulmer, George
  • Winburn, Thomas
  • Winn, Chely

Section 1.  To be eligible for membership, candidates must:

  • be at least a fourth quarter seventh grader;
  • have completed the previous semester at Beaufort Middle School;
  • have a cumulative average of 88 in core academic subjects (math, science, language arts, social studies), with no core-subject grade lower than 80, during their attendance in Beaufort County School District middle schools;
  • not have served more than once in ISS, been sent to alternative school, suspended, or expelled.